How to Refurbish Golf Cart Batteries: Maintenance and Desulfation

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Sometimes doing inexpensive work is way better. Likewise, refurbishing batteries rather than buying new ones is the best alternative. 

Do you love to play golf? Well, who isn't? If you love golf, then you will know the importance of the golf cart when it takes you from one place to another across golf courses. 

Moreover, for a very wise person, a golf cart is not only limited to a golf course; they use it apart from it. I like to get groceries when the market is a short distance away. In fact, they can do a lot more work with a golf cart because of its long-lasting batteries. 

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Golf carts run on rechargeable batteries. So all a golf cart needs are to be charged before it can be used. Batteries invariably tend to stop at any time. Every battery has a specific time after which it expires or stops working, especially in rechargeable batteries. The majority of golf cart batteries work for a longer time. However, when the time comes, you have to change those batteries to work on the golf cart again. 

However, if you are buying new golf cart batteries, then you are making a mistake. So don't throw away golf car batteries because you don't need to buy new ones. 

In this article, we are going to tell you how you can reuse or refurbish your golf cart batteries. In fact, if you are the owner of a golf cart, then you should know that your golf cart will need to refurbish the batteries for a better run on the golf fields. 

Does golf cart battery repair liquid work?

Batteries repaired with liquid work are one of the best alternatives for refurbishing a battery. There is a lot of confusion when it comes to the liquid work to repair a golf cart battery. Some experts are in favor of golf cart battery repair liquid work. although some are against it. 

The liquid is a lot more sophisticated for some reasons. When you use it in the batteries, the batteries will run for a longer time and will require less chart time. However, there are some consequences. The first one is that you can not use it for new batteries. Because these liquids can increase the efficiency but will limit the overall lifespan of the batteries, In the case of refurbished, it is preferable to use them to boost the refurbished battery. 

So it is recommended for the golf cart's batteries to have liquid work repaired. There is no other way or no other best alternative to boost golf cart batteries without liquid work. 

Golf cart battery repairs through liquid work are in fact a very good idea. Once you use it, you will see your batteries will work like new ones. In fact, it can work for a longer period as well. So all you need is to get the best liquid. There are liquids all around in the market. So make sure to loosen the strings of your purse and try to buy the best ones. In this way, you are going to boost the refurbished golf cart batteries. 

Golf Cart Battery Maintenance.

Every battery requires proper maintenance. In fact, every battery has a maintenance process that an owner has to take care of. Likewise, there are specific tips and ways for golf cart battery maintenance. 

Golf cart battery maintenance is very important to get the best performance out of your golf cart. It doesn't matter which brand of golf cart you have, for each of them you need maintenance for their batteries. The following are some of the best ways to keep any golf cart battery in excellent condition. 

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Use a Proper Charger:

Using the original charger for the batteries is a must. Most people save the original charger and buy a cheaper one. In fact, it is the first step in sabotaging your batteries. If the charger is included with the batteries of the golf cart, then why use another charger for it? As a result, always charge the batteries with their original charger rather than any other.

Checking and Adding the Right Amount of Water:

Every golf cart works periodically and produces energy using electrolytes and water. So it means every battery requires the proper amount of water. The amount of water you can add is limited. Too much water can make the electrolyte overflow and your battery will stop working. In fact, every battery has certain parameters. You can check the water level according to them. 

8–10 Hours of Charge:

Don't be too harsh with the batteries. If your golf cart is on charge day and night, then you are going to ruin its batteries. You can charge the batteries for 8–10 horses, but no more than that. Whether it is fully charged or not, just unplug the charger after 8-10 hours. 

These are some of the important methods of golf cart battery maintenance. So make sure you follow these with the other instructions given with the batteries. 

How to desulfate a golf cart battery?

Most of the time, when the owner goes out for vacation and leaves the golf cart unused. In these types of circumstances, sulfation is caused. Leaving the battery unused for a long time causes sulfation. 

Sulfation is a chemical process in which lead sulfate crystals form on the plates in the battery cells. The only way to start reusing the batteries is to desulfate them. Otherwise, your battery will be done working. 

How to Desulfate the Batteries of a Golf Cart

●Open the battery cover so you can access the batteries.

●Now disconnect the black wire from the negative terminal of the battery.


●Now remove the battery cell cover. You can do this via screwdrivers.

●Check out the battery cells, and check their condition.

●If there is any yellow dirt on the plates, then it's likely you can desulfate the cell.

●Each cell condition can be of different types.

●Now, after checking each of the cells, start topping up the cells using distilled water.

●Each cell has its level.

●Now screw the covers of the cells together but don't tighten them completely.

●In this way, the gas can evaporate through the gaps of the screw.

●Now plug in your charger and make sure it is on the slow level first.

●Now leave the battery to charge 

●Check the charger to see whether it is charged or not. 

●When it is fully charged, then turn off the charger.

●Now remove the battery cell covers and see whether the sulfation has gone away or not.

●If it is, then the process has worked. 

In this way, you are going to desulfate a golf cart battery. 


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