Charge and Discharge at -20℃ LiFePO4 Battery Pack 25.6V 40Ah for AGV

Product Detail

Product number: HPB-212-11

Cell model:25.6V40Ah

Battery specification: L148F20C-20000mAh-3.2V

Nominal voltage:25.6V

Nominal capacity:40000mAh

Product dimension: 360*260*125

Internal resistance: ≤50m?

Battery weight: 15kg

Charging current: 8000mA(0.2C)

Continuous discharge current:8000mA

Protective current:300A

Charging voltage: 29.2V

End-off voltage: 20.0V

Service life: charge and discharge at 0.2C,≥1000 times

Charging temperature:-20 ~ 45 ℃

Discharging temperature: - 40 ~ 60 ℃

Storage temperature: - 30 ~ 45 ℃

Temperature protection:65 ± 5 ℃

Product features

1. It can work normally under harsh conditions of -40 degrees; Capacity retention rate ≥70%;

2. The battery pack can be charged at -20℃;

3. At room temperature, the battery can be discharged up to 40C.


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